Superhero Spotlight: Cheryl Weaver

***The following is series featuing Q & A's with CASA volunteers

Cheryl Weaver is a CASA volunteer in her 9th year serving Steuben County

Cheryl Weaver is a CASA volunteer in her 9th year serving Steuben County

Cheryl Weaver is from Steuben County and in her 9th year as a CASA volunteer. In this Q&A with Cheryl, she shares some passionate reasons why she gives of her time in order to be a voice for children.

Q:What is the most rewarding part about being a volunteer?

A: "Realizing a child's life is better because of my part in the process."

Q: What almost held you back from being a volunteer?

 A: "I was afraid I would let my 'soft heart' get in the way of my judgement.  I do struggle from time to time with this, but Kristi (Bachman, executive director) is always the voice of reason, and brings me back."

Q:What made you go ahead and do it anyway?

 A: "I was a teacher and loved working with children and their parents.  I wanted to volunteer somehow during my retirement years, and this seemed to fit my desires and my skills."

Q: What would you tell someone considering being a volunteer?

A: "It can be heartbreaking, but oh, so rewarding.  You can make a difference in a child's life for the brief time you are there.  And, that difference may not even be visible to you or the child, but it is there.  Show up - both physically, and emotionally.  Be there when you say you will be and let them know that you are just there for them for this time in their lives, not their parents.  Just show that you care."


You can make a difference!

You can be a voice for children who are powerless to speak for themselves.

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