A generous gift becomes so much more than just dollars

Recently, Northeastern Indiana CASA received a donation to help further the mission to advocate for children and be a voice for kids. However, for Kristi Bachman, NEIN CASA's Executive Director, the donation was more than just dollars. 

"It’s easy to get discouraged in this job I do," said Kristi. "When I hear the horrific stories of abuse 'our' kids have suffered, and when I look at our list of kids waiting for an advocate – which never goes away - I feel the weight daily.  But there are many times in this job I am  moved by the goodness of humanity.  Last night was one of those nights."

A gentleman contacted NEIN CASA's office to invite Kristi to a special charity dinner to receive some recognition and a donation on behalf of NEIN CASA. 
"I had never spoken to this gentleman," Kristi said. "However, what we received was $500 from the Auburn Moose Family Center!  What a reminder that there are many wonderful people in this world -- Not only our dedicated advocates, but the many, many people who provide funds to keep our program going.  Thank you all for helping the children!!"

This donation did more than offer $500 to our nonprofit, but it offered support as if those who had given were cheering on the work being done by NE IN volunteers and staff. Thank you to Auburn Moose Family Center and for the other wonderful donors, supports and "cheerleaders" who support us in our work!