Volunteer group completes valuable training

fall training.jpg

Seven volunteers recently completed Northeastern Indiana CASA's Fall Training. Twice a year, volunteers gather for training in order to learn how to better advocate for the children they serve. 

"This is a valuable training for all of our volunteers," said Executive Director Kristi Bachman. "By coming together to learn, we can support each other in our mission to speak up for children in our area. The training also gives our volunteers confidence to do their best in all their efforts."

Becoming a volunteer takes a few steps, one being an application that needs to be completed. 

“We don’t always have to know the answers. There’s great support in the board and staff at our office," said volunteer Brayton Pickard. "What’s important is that volunteers are emotionally invested and want to give a couple of hours a month to a kid that needs them. Anybody can do this. Honestly, with the support and training we receive, you can do this. If you’re thinking about it or are interested in it, don’t build it up in your head. Just realize that it’s your heart that counts most.”

To apply online, visit http://www.neincasa.net/application/