CASA volunteer represented a baby of a mother who had already lost parental rights to five other children due to drugs.  This 6th one was born positive with drugs.  The father had died of an overdose.  There was no maternal family able or willing to care for this baby.  Our CASA volunteer looked up the father’s obituary in the paper and discovered who the paternal grandparents were.  She shared this information with DCS, who then notified the grandparents.  They had no idea a grandchild existed.  This little one now has a safe and permanent home with adoring grandparents.

 CASA volunteer represented a sweet little 5 year old boy.   When asked by his CASA volunteer if there was anything he needed, he told of 2 stuffed animals and his special bat.  This volunteer made numerous phone calls and two trips to different homes trying to locate these items.  She was finally able to make sure he got them.  This child had been moved 4 times in less than a year.  After one of his moves CASA went to see him. He met her at the door and EXCITEDLY asked,  “HOW DID YOU FIND ME??”

 Ordinary people making an extraordinary difference!

CASA was appointed to advocate for a 16 year old boy who was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. His mother had abandoned him as a baby. The child was adopted but at the age of 10 his adoptive mother had died and his father had remarried to a woman who was never able to accept the child; she feared for the safety of her own children due to this child’s frequent aggressive behaviors

At the age of 14 the child was placed in a Psychiatric treatment Center where he was diagnosed with Autism, Emotional Disability, Low Intellectual Functioning and Disruptive Behavior disorder. At the time of discharge his step mother was still in fear of him therefore he was placed in a therapeutic foster home and CASA was appointed.

With counseling and guidance form his foster parents the child was learning how to calm himself without violence but he continued to have outbursts at school. In meeting with high school personnel the CASA volunteer learned the child, who has the learning capability of a 5 year old was placed in a core 40 program at school and was taking classes such as trigonometry and biology. The child was receiving F’s in all classes which made the child feel like a failure and made it impossible for him to graduate high school.  The CASA volunteer requested an educational advocate to assess the child. The educational advocate worked with the school to place the child in a certificate program and got the child involved in a job skills program through the school. In addition, the CASA volunteer advocated for the child to receive Independent living training and to be involved in the Collaborative Care program (a program which offers services into adulthood for children who are wards of the State.)

The child is now 18 and will be completing high school in June 2015 with a certificate of completion; he has a part time job and plans to live on his own after graduation with the assistance of the Collaborative Care program. He will continue to receive support and guidance from his foster family.